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Pd' Programming, Inc. Home Page 

Pd' Programming produces crash records analysis software products for Internet web servers as well as networked and stand-alone MS Windows operating systems. 

Pd' Programming’s Intersection Magic Crash Records Analysis software program was the first interactive crash analysis program for MSDOS and then later for Windows.

Both our company and flagship product celebrate their 27 year anniversaries this year! We are now proud to announce Crash Magic Online ™, utilizing Magic Wands™ technology to provide browser-based analysis linked directly to your SQL database!

Our clients span the breadth of government agency types. They include hundreds of US cities, counties, state DOT's as well as Canadian provinces and cities. This wide variety of users of our software has required us to become experts in the crash data analysis field, and has resulted in the most flexible piece of analysis software available.
Crash Magic server monitoring
Pd' Programming has recently set up monitors to assure that our Crash Magic servers, databases and other resources are performing as expected.

You can check out the status of our systems too: Pd' Server Stats

Pd' Events
Oct 26, 2014 - 40th International Forum on Traffic Records & Highway Information Systems
St. Louis, MO October 26 - 29, 2014
All about traffic safety data.

Pd' News
Intersection Magic supports Windows 7 (32 bit)
For those of you not quite ready to start using Crash Magic Online, you're probably running Intersection Magic in "XP Mode" on your desktop. You should know that IMW works just fine under Windows 7, as long as it is the 32 bit version.
Time to move from Intersection Magic to Crash Magic Hosted
As Intersection Magic grows long in the tooth, (has it really been 25 years?) it's time to think about upgrading to the new system. Crash Magic is more powerful, capable and easier to use and manage. Best of all, we take care of all the installations, upgrades and other heavy-lifting. You just do the analysis and save lives! Contact us for more information.
Crash Magic now supports California SWITRS
We've completed our SWITRS configuration for Crash Magic. Now you can access all the fields stored in the SWITRS database. Contact us now for more information.
Crash Magic now supports Arizona ALISS
We've completed our ALISS configuration for Crash Magic. Now you can access all the fields stored in the ALISS database. Contact us now for more information.
Crash Magic now supports the standard IMW Colorado configuration
We've completed our "Colorado Standard" conversion from Intersection Magic to Crash Magic. It's now easier and faster than ever to move from IMW to Crash Magic Hosted. Contact us now for more information.
Crash Magic supports YOUR data
Sure, we've got standard configurations for California, Arizona, and Colorado, but we can prepare a configuration for any data structure. We've been doing that for over a quarter of a century!
We've already prepared Crash Magic configurations for agencies in Iowa, Oregon, North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Ontario, New York, Connecticut, Texas, Missouri, Illinois and more every day. Contact us for more information.
September 21, 2014 10:10PM

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