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Well, we tried...

Multi-Level Magic was written as a favor for a friend some 10+ years ago. Other Shaklee members became excited by it and we decided to sell and support it along with our other software. We got great feedback from users, and a handful of initial sales. We also really liked dealing with Shaklee members, you are a great bunch!

Later, when Shaklee asked us to stop using their name in conjuction with the program, we started releasing it for free on our web site. Eventually, Shaklee decided that we could use their name, along with a disclaimer. We'd given away some 300+ copies of the program by then. So, we went back to the web page and announced that we would be charging $140 to future purchasers of the program. We also announced that we had a new version that we would ship to any current user who wished to pay for it. We barely got a single response.

So, effective immediately, we will no longer be marketing or developing Multi-Level Magic.


We will continue to support the program to our existing (paid) users by email. Any users who didn't pay for Multi Level Magic will be replied to on an 'as available' basis.

Please send your (detailed) questions to

The latest shipped version of the program is 1.603. We also released 1.607 to one or two people, you know who you are. If you need a new copy of the program, you can get it here.

Note: You can not go back from 1.607 to 1.603. Be sure to stick with the version that you have.

Program Downloads

Price updates:

As you probably know, you can enter products and prices, as well as change prices yourself using settings/products/edit.

We'll leave a link on this page to existing price updates. If anyone would like to start maintaining price update lists, we will post them on our server and make them available to other users. However, we do not have the resources to continue entering all the price/product updates.

Product price lists

What to do with a program crash - BTFiler Hard Error...:

This crash is almost always caused by turning off your computer without closing Multi Level Magic. The result is a corrupted database that must be re-built. We've put a function in the program that can do this:
Select the start menu / Run and enter "C:\mlm\mlm.exe REINDEX". Select OK. The program will start and begin by reindexing the database. When the process is complete, the database should be available again. If it is not, then your only option is to revert to your most recent backup.

If your database is corrupt and you have not backup and you simply want to create a new database and get back to work, you can do that by deleting all the files that start with SHAK in your c:\mlm directory. THIS WILL ERASE ALL TRACES OF YOUR PEOPLE/PURCHASES/ORDERS from the system. Often, you can first export your people from your database using Settings / People / Export. Then, after erasing the data files, you can select Settings / People / Import (using internal format) and select the file that you exported. This will repopulate your database with people and their tree. Again, if this doesn't work, you will have to start from scratch if there are no backups.

How to convert to Shaklee's program (BOSS):

We spent several days trying to get Shaklee Corp. to give us information that would help us prepare our data to be used in their program. They will not do this. You can get the list of people (the address book) out of our program using settings / people / export. This will produce an ASCII delimited file containing the names and addresses of all of your contacts. Our file also contains the name of each person's upline. Shaklee then suggests that you contact their support lines for assistance in bringing the data into their program.

We also prepared export routines for orders and payments, but Shaklee say that there is no way to bring in sales, items, payments, the tree, or any other info into their system from another.

Would we consider working on the program again?

Yup. What we'd need is to hear from about 100 of you who would be willing to pay for a new, improved version of the program. Then we'd be happy to resume development.

Multi Level Magic is neither affiliated with, nor endorsed by Shaklee USA